Legal Photography

Accident Reconstruction and Land Encroachment cases can benefit from using our aerial images. Photographs can be time and date-stamped, and we can add custom graphics and labeling to clarify the scene. After you have chosen the image that you like, we can enlarge it to a 30x40 inch presentation board for trials and depositions.

Traffic accident scenes

In cases of traffic accident disputes, the best way to clearly describe the scene to a jury is with an aerial photograph. Tri-State Aerial Photo offers a "Traffic Accident Scene Package" that is specifically designed for attorneys and accident reconstruction specialists that includes three vertical images. We make three separate passes over the accident scene to minimize the chances of a moving vehicle obstructing an important piece of evidence or terrain feature.

Pricing (All prices include travel time there and back)

One Flight:

Includes 3 shots oblique (from the side) or 3 shots vertical (straight down) at one location or any combo.

One location - $275
(photos are high resolution presented on disc)

Additional locations on same flight includes 3 shots:

On same flight includes 3 shots $195 per. (within 50 miles of first)

Additional Shots at location:

$55.00 per.

Printing, Panoramic, Architectural and Graphic work:

Billed by the hour - $80 per.

Additional Controlled Air Space Fee:

$75 per location if shoot is within a major airports airspace like Kennedy, Long Island MacArthur, etc. (due to extra time needed to get clearances, etc).

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